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Navy nastri sono denominazioni che coincidono con le medaglie elargito marinai arruolati e ufficiali. Nastri sono indossati sul uniformi della marina, tranne alcune uniformi di lavoro. Misurano 3-1/2 cm. da 1 cm. Secondo il regolamento Uniforme Marina, nastri sono costituiti da una porzione di un nastro di sospensione Medas. Nastri sono attaccati ad un rack di plastica o una medaglia e portare sul petto a sinistra. I nastri sono collegati in ordine di precedenza.
Decorazioni Militari
I primi nastri dovrebbero essere decorazioni militari. Essi comprendono, in ordine, Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Defense Distinguished Service, Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Defense Superior Service, Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, della Marina e del Corpo dei Marines Medaglia, Medaglia di Bronzo Stella, cuore viola , Difesa servizi meritori, Medaglia al Merito, Medaglia daria, servizio comune Medal Commendation, della Marina e del Corpo dei Marines Commendation, Service Medal Joint Realizzazione, della Marina e del Corpo dei Marine Achievement e Azione di Combattimento Ribbon.
Unità Awards
I prossimi nastri comprenderanno quelle concesse a intere unità alla volta. Questi sono, in ordine, il Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon, Joint Meritorious Unità Award, Marina Unità Elogio Ribbon, Meritorious Commendation Unità nastro e Battaglia E Ribbon.
La prossima serie di nastri sono significativi per eventi o campagne specifiche con cui gli individui è stato coinvolto. Questi includono, in ordine, il POW Medaglia, della Marina e del Corpo dei Marines Buona Condotta, Naval Reserve Medaglia servizio meritevole, Navy Fleet Marine Forza Ribbon,christian louboutin roma, della Marina e del Corpo dei Marines Expeditionary Medal, Cina Service Medal, Marina Occupazione nei servizi, National Defense Service Medal, coreano Servizio, Antartide Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, il Vietnam Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service, Kosovo Campaign Medal, Campagna Afghanistan, Iraq Campaign Medal, guerra globale al terrorismo Medaglia Expeditionary,christian louboutin shop online, guerra globale al terrorismo Service Medal, Defense Service Medal coreano, Armato Forze di Servizio, Medaglia di servizio umanitario, Outstanding Servizio per il Volontariato, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Naval Arctic servizio Ribbon, Naval Reserve Sea Service Ribbon, della Marina e del Corpo dei Marines Overseas Servizio Ribbon, Recruiting Servizio Ribbon, Navy Recruit Training Service Ribbon, e delle Forze Armate Medaglia Reserve .
Altri Nastri
Da valuta straniera e nastri non ci seguono, tra cui Filippine Repubblica Presidenziale Unit Citation, coreano Presidential Unit Citation, Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation, Repubblica del Vietnam Benemerito Citation Unità e la Repubblica del Vietnam Benemerito Unit Citation, le Nazioni Unite Service Medal, Medaglia delle Nazioni Unite , Medaglia NATO, Forze multinazionali e la Medaglia Observer e Defense Consiglio Inter-Americana, la Repubblica del Vietnam Campaign Medal, Kuwait Liberation (Arabia Saudita) Medaglia e Kuwait Medaglia Liberazione (Kuwait).
Infine, nastri designano competenza armi includono il Distinguished Shooter Badge Internazionale USA, Distinguished Marksman Badge e Distinguished Colpo Badge Pistol.
Dispositivi Ribbon
I dispositivi sono piccoli perni posti sulla parte superiore dei singoli nastri di designare ulteriori realizzazione. Stelle, foglie di quercia e numeri indicano tutti meriti aggiuntivi. Dispositivi di V designano partecipazione diretta o combattimento. Wintered Over fermagli denotano un inverno trascorso in Antartide ed Europa e fermagli Asia sono indossati per dimostrare il tempo di servizio trascorso lì.
I civili non devono indossare nastri. Essi sono solo per essere indossati da coloro che hanno ricevuto tale designazione. Nastri non dovrebbero essere indossati con abiti civili. Riproduzioni in miniatura, però, sono fatti per essere indossati su abiti civili abiti.


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A glass of ice water on the line.
Luoke Ang reach for a cup of coffee, first sniffed, then drink one, the taste of bitter coffee, unlimited aftertaste ah! He lamented, and again look Rentian Chen, asked: To a cup do?

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So they walked into his arms a few people out of the office, Wu Ming Wei Lian Williams came up with shaking hands and said: Welcome to you, and you see some government officials so easy, you're my trip to see the highest level of an officer, and entertain ill also ask you to understand it.
Wu Ming hands a beach, said: I also want to hurry up, Mr. envoy End Task to go home, but now we have no way to move a bit, not that we do not want to take the initiative, you have to know what we want to find those people must first detect a Fan, now you do not know where they are how can we find them? we ourselves would like to send some people out, and you can like a sticking plaster these democrats generally refused to leave us how actions? your FBI and CIA every time they also perform tasks such do? these people we do not dare to play catch up and go away, let us how you work? us a squad that is fifteen, and you can follow people as little more than a hundred, and more fast or three hundred people and I would like to ask you in the end is now asking us to help eliminate terrorists or ready to steal the division apprenticeship? Then we have a huge team of terrorists who will not know how we are to where? such a simple thing You all do things too hard? your problem is not solved until the only way we could.
Wei Lian Williams listened blushed, said: I'm sorry Mr. Wu Ming, this thing we do not have a solution, then we invite you to come so he let out so much and the interests of those who bargain with the Congress the results of They must be tracking your actions, we are now aware of this problem, and His Excellency the President is working with Congress to discuss solutions to those who follow such a large team, I believe will soon reach a new agreement, you still have to get help before looking at those folks, otherwise we really have no way to explain the people.

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Ren Ping eyebrows slightly on the pick, comforting and laughed: Yes, even if the world is misunderstood me, but you will be able to understand me and I do not bloodthirsty, but also do not want to see the fearless sacrifice.
A British Gas blooming woman, dressed in the uniform of senior officers, Major General epaulettes and chest Whitehall Signet shows her identity - Whitehall Army Corps long. She looked at looking serious holographic image on the war, although the situation is excellent, but the doubt in his heart, but more deeply, said to himself: too weak ...... is simply some of the rabble, and intelligence equipment is also inconsistent with Their AS forces it? ......
This time, a man ran up hurriedly, still shouting: how do you engage in? Already late for an hour! Afternoon will be tested do not know yet? Dean is furious too!

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